In the heart of the Chateau, a hive of activity buzzes with excitement as the restoration work continues. Today, we delve into the progress of the magnificent 400 Suite, witnessing the dedication and craftsmanship that breathe life into its once-neglected spaces. With every door restored, every panel meticulously crafted, and every brushstroke of paint carefully applied, the Chateau’s transformation is nothing short of remarkable.


The 400 Suite – A Vision Takes Shape

Venturing into the 400 Suite, we meet the skilled team hard at work. Matt, with precision and enthusiasm, tends to the suite’s doors, numbering and aligning them to perfection. Little helper Jonathan eagerly assists in various tasks, contributing to the collective effort.

Inside the suite, Tracy, the key member of the team, expertly finishes the plasterwork. The suite’s transformation is evident, and Terry prepares to prime the wood trim, a crucial step before applying the final coat of paint.


An Enchanting Pink Hue

The team’s excitement reaches new heights as they reveal the suite’s color scheme. Inspired by the timeless RMS Olympic from the 1930s, the 400 Suite boasts a unique and delightful pink hue. This exclusive color, meticulously recreated, will soon be available for others to purchase. Terry proudly shares how they matched the color with a piece from the original Olympic, ensuring an authentic and stunning result.


Elevating the Suite’s Ambience

With a keen eye for detail, Terry envisions elevating the suite’s ceiling to new heights. The team replaces the polyurethane trim with wood and decorative moldings, adding a touch of extravagance and grandeur. This thoughtful approach aims to create a cozy and inviting ambiance, reminiscent of a gentleman’s smoking room.



Painting and Sanding – The Quest for Perfection

Attention to detail is paramount, and the team employs small rollers to delicately apply thin layers of paint. Between coats, meticulous sanding creates a smooth and flawless finish, akin to glass. The preparatory stage ensures the high-quality paint will shine brilliantly once applied, further enhancing the suite’s charm.


A Custom Chandelier – A Touch of Elegance

As the restoration progresses, the team acquires a custom chandelier, destined to grace the 400 Suite with elegance. While the chandelier awaits installation, its presence imbues the suite with an air of sophistication and refinement.


A Moment of Carpentry

Amidst the whirlwind of restoration, a moment of carpentry unfolds as Ash takes on the task of crafting window ledges for the suite. Armed with newfound skills and determination, Ash creates beautiful wooden ledges that add a finishing touch to the windows, transforming the space instantly.


A Journey of Surprising Progress

The team marvels at the surprising progress, ticking off a long list of completed tasks. Learning from past experiences, they expertly plan ahead, ensuring a seamless workflow. What was once a daunting restoration journey has now become a thrilling adventure, moving at an exhilarating pace.


Looking Ahead – Molding and Plasterwork

With a sense of accomplishment, the team looks ahead to the next phases of the restoration. Sailor moldings for the hallway are in the works, ready to add an exquisite touch to the walls. Plans are in motion for wood chair rails and plaster moldings in the bedroom, marrying authenticity with beauty.



The restoration of the 400 Suite is a testament to the unwavering dedication and passion of the team at the Chateau. As doors are numbered, panels crafted, and ceilings elevated, the Chateau’s transformation unfolds before our eyes. The enchanting pink hue, the delicate carpentry, and the carefully applied paint exemplify the attention to detail that breathes life into every corner of the suite. The journey continues, and as the team surges forward, we eagerly await the next chapter in this captivating tale of restoration and transformation.