In a picturesque chateau tucked away in the countryside, a team of dedicated individuals is diligently working on restoring its grandeur. Welcome to a typical day at the Chateau, where renovation efforts are underway to bring this historical gem back to life. This blog takes you on a captivating journey through the various rooms, witnessing the progress and passion that goes into each painstaking detail.


The Chateau’s Restoration Team

As the day begins, we find the team hard at work in different sections of the Chateau. In the bedroom, Ash is focused on refurbishing the space, while Mum dedicates her efforts to the elegant salon. Meanwhile, Rob and Jonathan are busy in the hallway, ensuring everything is in place for the renovation process.


Curtains and Trim: Lush and Elegant

A vital aspect of the Chateau’s restoration is the curtains and trim. In the 400 Suite, the curtains are all sorted, adding a touch of luxury and elegance to the rooms. The team discusses the color combinations, opting for a rich and lavish theme. The bedroom’s curtains, sourced from America for their French elegance, await their final touches.

Ceiling Details and Molding

Moving to the upper floors, the attention turns to the bedroom’s ceiling. The team takes pride in meticulously working on the decorative moldings, which emphasize the ceiling’s beauty and tie it all together with the overall design. The unique details and lightness of the polyurethane moldings make them an excellent choice for this historic restoration.


Door Restoration and French Charm

Throughout the Chateau, the team ensures that every detail receives special attention. Rob and Jonathan focus on stripping the old paint from the doors in the 400 apartments, uncovering their original charm. Their dedication to perfection ensures that these doors will soon exude a beautiful French allure.


The Beauty of the Salon

As Mum carefully prepares the salon for painting, she shares her enthusiasm for this project. Attention to detail is crucial, and she ensures all the imperfections are smoothed out, making the room look pristine. The refined trim on the ceiling enhances the salon’s charm, and with a touch of paint, it will be transformed into an elegant haven.


Ceiling Rose and Chandelier Quest

One of the Chateau’s highlights is undoubtedly the chandelier. The team’s quest to find the perfect shades for it is ongoing, and they seek assistance from the audience. The missing shade poses a challenge, but with their collective determination, they hope to complete this centerpiece soon.


The Bedroom Takes Shape

Back in the bedroom, Ash reveals how close they are to finishing the details. While some may not notice the nuances, Ash’s dedication to perfection ensures that every corner is impeccable. The bedroom, now 99% complete, awaits just a few finishing touches before it becomes a vision of French grandeur.


Wood Chair Rail and Color Combinations

The team has exciting plans for the wood chair rail, choosing to combine two pieces with stunning detail to achieve a unique and splendid effect. They eagerly anticipate blending the pine and oak to get the right color combination for the walls and ceiling, seeking advice from their audience on the best method.


Chateau Art by Abe’s Creations

Amidst all the renovation activities, Abe’s Creations, an art shop on Etsy, captures the essence of the Chateau through beautiful creations. As a treat, a limited-time discount is offered to patrons who wish to own a piece of Chateau artistry.



The day at the Chateau concludes with the team’s excitement and enthusiasm at an all-time high. Progress is evident in every room, and the Chateau’s restoration is well underway. With every detail carefully considered and each passion-driven stroke, this historic masterpiece inches closer to its former glory. The Chateau, a testament to history and dedication, promises to shine once again and enchant visitors for generations to come.