Tracy From Chateau De Lalacelle

Who Is Tracy from Chateau De Lalacelle?

Tracy is Terry’s mum who moved with Ash, Terry, Jonathan, and Tony from Middlesbrough, UK to Chateau De Lalacelle in 2020.


This Chateau De Lalacelle video (Episode 2) introduces us to the family: Tracy, Tony, Jonathan, Terry and Ash.

Where does Tracy stay at Chateau De Lalacelle?

Chateau De Lalacelle has a cottage (originally a livestock barn) which is where Tracy and Jonathan live. When arriving at the Chateau, the whole family stayed in campers on the property. Once the cottage had been fully renovated, that’s where Tracy, Tony and Jonathan. moved into.

This is one of the first tours of the Chateau De Lalacelle’s cottage:

…and a before and after tour of the Cottage at Chateau De Lalacelle


Here are some of the most popular Chateau De Lalacelle YouTube with Tracy.