Chateau De Lalacelle Facts

Where is Chateau De Lalacelle (Escape To The Dream)?

Chateau De Lalacelle is located in Alencon, France (province of Normandy) about 210km (130 miles) west of Paris and 88km (50 miles) south of Caen, France.

Where is Chateau De Lalacelle?

Is Chateau De Lalacelle For Sale?

Ash working outside the tower at Chateau De Lalacelle

Ash working outside the tower of Chateau De Lalacelle

Chateau De Lalacelle has not been for sale since Terry, Ash, and Tracy bought it in Summer of 2020.

Previous to their purchase, it sat abandoned for 40 years and went for sale in time for Terry and Ash to be looking to fulfill their dream to Escape to the Chateau.

It may have been for sale at points during the 40 years of vacancy but not currently.

How much did Chateau De Lalacelle cost?

The purchase price of Chateau De Lalacelle in 2020 was $300,000 Euros.

How long was Chateau De Lalacelle empty before Terry and Ash bought it?

Chateau De Lalacelle sat empty for 40 years. While the previous owners had great intentions to restoring the Chateau to its former glory, the practicality and massive undertaking feel by the wayside.

What is the floor plan of Chateau De Lalacelle?

The chateau itself is 3 floors high with an unfinished basement. Chateau De Lalacelle has a small set of stairs to lead to the main entrance (the tower) although it seems the original entrance was on the garden (opposite) side based on the layout.

The main floor of Chateau De Lalacelle:

Walking in from the tower, there is a salon to the left and a dining room and small kitchen / prep area to the right with the main foyer in the center which opens up to the walled garden. The tower itself contains the stunning 3-story wooden railed staircase.

On the first floor is what is transforming into the 400 and 401 suites – one single bedroom and one double bedroom, both with ensuite bathrooms.

On the top floor is Terry and Ash’s living space. A kitchen to the far right from the stair case. Moving left, their bathroom, then bedroom left of center, then on the far left, an office with a guest room (Specifically designed for Ash’s Mom, Jane, and Graham when they visit).

The basement is unfinished by the Chateau De Lalacelle lads have hinted at a commercial kitchen down there to prepare meals in the future when the Chateau is used as an event venue. In the mean time, it’s a convenient place for covered storage during the restoration.

Here’s a tour of the interior of Chateau De Lalacelle:


What other buildings are on the property of Chateau De Lalacelle?

Chateau De Lalacelle's Property

Walled Garden at the bottom. Chateau De Lalacelle in the middle. Cottage is to the right. Meeting space and took shed behind the tree to the left.

The Cottage at Chateau De Lalacelle

This is where Tracy and Jonathan live.

Originally a livestock barn (coming in off the service entrance making it a likely place where guests would leave their horse and buggy) the cottage now consists of a ground level salon, kitchen and bathroom. Upstairs includes 2 smaller bedrooms and a larger loft bedroom.

The cottage is the building on the right side of the drone shot pictured here.

To the far right of this picture is the service entrance.

The Meeting Space / Tool Shed

While renovating the cottage and the Chateau, the building behind the tree on the left of the photo is split in half. One half with a fireplace has been used by the family for meals, watching some football, and generally lounging about indoors. The other half is the toolshed.

Both the meeting space and the tool shed open towards the chateau’s courtyard, so while the space is large it all focuses around the courtyard area and makes it functional for the family to find each other (often by simply calling from within the courtyard).

Barn / Storage

Chateau De Lalacelle Drone shots

Chateau De Lalacelle is center, then the meeting space/toolshed to the right, and behind the toolshed is the barn.

Behind the meeting space/tool shed building is a barn which is used for storage.

It contains most of the family’s furniture from moving from the UK (although some is now moved into the cottage as renovations are wrapping up there), Terry’s brocante finds, and of course the myriad of Christmas decorations that make the Chateau look so brilliant every year.

(The campers where the family stayed when first arriving on the property and now where guests stay is between the Chateau itself and the meeting / barn building.)

Horse Stables

You can see a small building along the road way to the far right. This was originally four horse stables in a single building (it would seem) and Ash and Terry have teased the idea that these may become additional cozy guest suites at some point in the future.

In this photo, the main drive to Chateau De Lalacelle leaves to the right side of the photo, and for context, the cottage is behind the trees just left of the Chateau where the service entrance and gate run toward the left.

The buildings to the top right of the Chateau are not part of the property. Seeing as the tower is probably a late addition to the structure, the front of the Chateau was likely on the walled garden side and the property behind it was likely originally owned by the chateau.

How many acres is owned by Chateau De Lalacelle?

The Chateau De Lalacelle property is 21 acres (9 hectares) in Normandy, France near the town of Alencon (about 130 miles west of Paris).

Who are Chateau De Lalacelle owners (Escape To The Dream Family)?

Terry Short, Ash Waters, Tracy Briggs, Tony Briggs, (and Jonathan) are the family that purchased and moved to Chateau De Lalacelle in summer 2020 from Middlesbrough, England.

Meet Terry Short and Ash Waters here.

Meet Tracy from Chateau De Lalacelle here

Meet Jonathan from Chateau De Lalacelle here

Meet Tony from Chateau De Lalacelle here


What is the most popular Chateau De Lalacelle YouTube video?

This video on the 2 year recap of the Chateau De Lalacelle renovation has the most views on the YouTube channel. We’ll regularly keep an eye out for videos that take over the lead in the future.

How Does Chateau De Lalacelle Pay For Their Renovations?

(We would guess that) Income primarily comes from viewed ads on YouTube. There are a few ways that you can help fund the Chateau restoration:


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