Excitement Builds as Work Continues in the 400 Suite

The 400 Suite at Chateau De Lalacelle is undergoing a remarkable transformation, generating immense excitement among the crew. Terry is making fantastic progress. Let’s delve into the latest updates from this eagerly anticipated refurbishment project.


Discovering Hidden Gems: Coving and Plastic Coving

Fans of Chateau De Lalacelle will be thrilled to hear about the exciting discoveries made by Terry. He has uncovered coving, a valuable addition to their project, and have also found plastic coving that promises to open up new possibilities for the Chateau’s transformation. These findings are sure to elevate the space to new heights.

Bedroom Beautification: Balancing the Ceiling Rose and More

When it comes to the bedroom, attention is focused on finding the perfect balance for the ceiling rose and selecting suitable fixtures and fittings. The crew carefully considers every detail, ensuring a harmonious and elegant ambiance in this essential space.

Unveiling the Hallway’s Potential

The hallway takes center stage as the crew works diligently to revamp the paneling around the window and address the remaining door blockage. With an original panel from the Chateau’s solid dock, the family is excited to witness the hallway’s stunning transformation.

Curves, Trim, and Attention to Detail

The crew at Chateau De Lalacelle takes pride in their commitment to craftsmanship. Each panel boasts unique curved trims, adding character to the design. Despite the challenges along the way, the Terry and Graham’s dedication ensures a flawless outcome.

Bringing Everything Together: Chair Rails and Skirting Boards

Completing the panel setting requires the addition of chair rails and skirting boards. Carefully sourced from their stored pile of paneling, these components will add the finishing touches to the project. The team searches diligently for the perfect pieces, each step bringing them closer to the vision they have in mind.

A Vision Realized: The Paneling Takes Shape

Months of hard work and dedication have paid off as Terry and Graham successfully place the panels into position. The weathered but beautiful panels complement the framework seamlessly, creating an illusion of timeless elegance. This major milestone signifies a significant step forward in the transformation of Chateau De Lalacelle.

Elevating the Bedroom: Fabric and Wall Lights

The bedroom receives a touch of opulence as exquisite fabric and stunning wall lights are introduced. Sourced by the talented Karen Allen, the blue-gray tones of the fabric exude elegance and grace. These carefully selected wall lights will radiate a regal aesthetic, completing the overall look and feel of the space.

Patience and Progress: Reflecting on the Journey

Although progress may seem slow at times, the family remains steadfast in their commitment to perfection. The intricate restoration work, the search for the ideal pieces, and the meticulous attention to detail take time and effort. Nevertheless, the family’s dedication keeps them motivated, serving as a testament to their passion for transforming Chateau De Lalacelle.

A Heartfelt Gratitude

The crew extends their sincere thanks to Ab for their invaluable contributions in finding the perfect wall lights, and to Karen Allen for her gracious gift of the exquisite fabric. Their support and dedication have made a significant impact on the project’s success.

The Journey Continues

Every day brings new progress and exciting discoveries on the transformation of Chateau De Lalacelle. Join us on this remarkable journey as the Chateau’s timeless charm is reinvented, paying homage to its glorious past while embracing a brighter future.