In the early morning at the Chateau, the sounds of bustling activity can be heard downstairs, reminiscent of a hive of bees. Despite the weather’s dreariness outside, the restoration work inside continues with enthusiasm. Today, the focus is on the 400 Suite, and we’ll take a closer look at the progress made so far.


Meeting the Team

As we venture into the Chateau’s interior, we meet Matt, diligently working on one of the suite’s doors. The suite comprises a series of doors, and Matt has been keeping track of their numbers, ensuring they all come together flawlessly. A little helper named Jonathan is present, eager to lend a hand in sanding and other tasks.


The 400 Suite – A Work in Progress

Inside the 400 Suite, the restoration process is in full swing. Tracy, a key member of the team, is carefully finishing up the plasterwork. The progress is impressive, and the room has already undergone a significant transformation. Terry, another team member, is getting ready to prime the suite’s wood trim, preparing it for the final coat of paint.


An Exciting Pink Color

As we discuss the suite’s color scheme, excitement fills the air. The team has opted for a delightful pink hue, inspired by the RMS Olympic from the 1930s. This unique color has been recreated exclusively for the 400 Suite and will soon be available for others to purchase. Terry shares how they obtained a piece of the original Olympics for an accurate match, ensuring an authentic and stunning result.


Enhancing the Ceiling

Terry has a vision to elevate the suite’s ceiling to new heights. Initially, they had used polyurethane, but they decided to switch to wood trim and decorative moldings to create a more extravagant and grand appearance. The team is keen on making the suite a truly remarkable space.


Painting and Sanding for the Perfect Finish

With the room taking shape, it’s time for the first coat of paint. The team opts for small rollers to carefully apply thin layers of paint, ensuring a smooth and flawless finish. Sanding is meticulously performed between coats to create a glass-like surface. The attention to detail during this preparatory stage ensures the quality paint will shine once applied.


Custom Chandelier Adds Elegance

Amidst the ongoing restoration, a custom chandelier has been acquired, adding an elegant touch to the suite. The team’s excitement is palpable as they plan to install the chandelier soon.


The Journey Continues

As the restoration journey continues, the 400 Suite is on the cusp of becoming a masterpiece. With every detail carefully considered, the team takes pride in their work. Each day brings new progress, transforming the Chateau one step at a time.


A Meticulous Approach

The restoration of the 400 Suite is a labor of love and dedication. The team’s meticulous approach to every aspect of the restoration process ensures that the Chateau’s historical significance is preserved while bringing a touch of modernity and elegance to the space.


The Plasterwork: Honoring Tradition

Tracy’s expertise in plasterwork shines as she meticulously applies the first course of plaster to the walls. Working with precision, she smoothens out the uneven areas, breathing new life into the 400 Suite. As she nears completion, the room already looks unrecognizable from its former state.


Creating an Iconic Color

One of the most exciting aspects of the restoration is the choice of the color palette. Inspired by the iconic RMS Olympic, Terry and the team have managed to recreate the exact shade of pink used during the 1930s refit. This color holds historical significance, and it will grace the walls of the 400 Suite, allowing visitors to step back in time and experience the grandeur of the past.


Attention to Detail in Woodwork

The decision to switch from polyurethane to wood trim for the ceiling accentuates the team’s commitment to authentic restoration. Terry’s craftsmanship shines as he delicately fits each piece of wood, creating a beautiful border that complements the suite’s design. In addition, the decorative moldings will add a touch of opulence, transporting guests to a bygone era.


Painting with Precision

With the careful selection of paint and an eye for detail, the team takes on the task of painting the 400 Suite. Using small rollers and thin coats, they ensure a flawless and smooth finish. Sanding between each coat allows them to achieve a polished surface that will perfectly showcase the chosen color.


A Custom Chandelier Fit for Royalty

Adding a touch of extravagance, the custom chandelier is the pièce de résistance of the 400 Suite’s restoration. Its design harks back to the Chateau’s glory days, providing a stunning focal point in the room. The team eagerly awaits its installation, knowing that it will elevate the suite’s ambiance to new heights.


Preserving the Chateau’s Legacy

Throughout the restoration process, the team remains dedicated to preserving the Chateau’s legacy. Every decision, from color selection to woodwork, is thoughtfully made to honor the historical significance of the property. The 400 Suite is a testament to their commitment to reviving the past while creating a memorable experience for future visitors.



The restoration of the 400 Suite at the Chateau is a labor of passion and dedication. The team’s meticulous approach, from plasterwork to painting and woodwork, ensures that the suite is transformed into a masterpiece. As the final touches are put in place, the anticipation grows for the grand reveal of this historically significant and elegant space. The Chateau’s legacy will continue to thrive, enchanting guests for generations to come.