Chateau De Lalacelle Guests

Jane and Graham

Jane and Graham from Chateau De LalacelleJane is Ash’s mum and married Graham in 2021.

They live in Middlesbrough, UK and visit the Chateau often to help wherever needed. There’s a 3rd-floor guest room reserved for their visits but before it was renovated, they stayed in the campers on the Chateau’s property.

They often visit individually depending on their schedules and other family obligations, so many Chateau De Lalacelle YouTube videos or social media posts will include one or the other.

Meet Graham in this video about renovating Chateau De Lalacelle’s Bathroom:

Karen and Shane




Adam and Celine

Adam and Celine at Chateau De LalacelleAdam McLaughlin is Ash’s second cousin.

Having not seen each other since they were each 18 months old, Adam brought Celine and their 3 boys from Canada to France to visit Chateau De Lalacelle in May 2022 for 10 days.

The boys loved spending time with Jonathan (who loved having someone his age around) and getting to help out around the Chateau.

Adam’s family travels full-time and wrote this blog post about their experience of Visiting Chateau De Lalacelle.