In the ongoing restoration of the tower, various phases are undertaken to breathe new life into this historic structure. The current focus has shifted to the intricate task of addressing the electrical system on both floors. This article delves into the meticulous process of upgrading the electrical components, from wiring to light switches, while also exploring challenges, innovative solutions, and the importance of expert tools.


Wiring Wonders: Navigating the Electrics

The tower’s restoration journey necessitates a close inspection of its electrical infrastructure. The task at hand is to lay down the electrical groundwork for lighting fixtures, outlets, and switches. With one side already wired, attention is now turned towards the other side. This involves strategically positioning wall lights and integrating light switches into the interior.


Planning the Path: A Delicate Dance

To illuminate the tower’s interiors, precise planning is crucial. The plan includes installing a set of wall lights and strategically placed light switches. The challenge lies in routing the wiring discreetly without disrupting the aesthetics. The strategy involves carefully marking where the lights and switches will go and designing a pathway for the wires to travel.


Facing the Fears: An Unexpected Encounter

The restoration journey takes a slightly chilling turn as a resident yucca plant becomes the centerpiece of discussion. This episode introduces the Planter App, a digital companion for plant care. The app not only identifies the yucca but also offers insights into its health. Amidst the excitement, a revelation about the presence of “zombie spiders” in the tower adds an eerie twist to the story.



Conduit Chronicles: Threading the Wires

With plans in place, it’s time to navigate the challenge of routing wires through the tower’s intricate architecture. Conduits prove to be a savior, allowing wires to be channeled discreetly while preserving the tower’s historical aesthetics. The team uses pre-wired conduits, reducing the effort required to thread the wires. A step-by-step guide demonstrates the process of threading wires through the conduits, overcoming obstacles, and ensuring a safe and reliable electrical connection.


Guiding the Glow: A Symphony of Lights

The culmination of the wiring effort brings the tower to life as lights start to illuminate its interiors. The selected LED lights emit a warm amber tone, creating an inviting atmosphere while being energy-efficient. The process involves meticulous attention to detail, threading wires through beams and walls, ensuring they are concealed, and ultimately leading to the fuse box.


Facing the Frightful: Challenges and Collaboration

The restoration journey presents its fair share of challenges, including unexpected encounters with wildlife. The tower’s history is intertwined with the restoration team’s personal anecdotes, such as their amusing yet spine-chilling experience with “zombie spiders.” These challenges underscore the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and creative solutions when navigating the restoration process.


A Glimpse of the Future: The Road Ahead

As the electrical upgrade nears completion, the restoration team’s spirits remain high. While progress is evident, the tower’s revival is an ongoing endeavor. Future plans include addressing the kitchen’s renovation, a task that requires careful consideration of budget, timing, and design. Despite the challenges, the team’s determination to revive the tower’s former glory remains unwavering.


Conclusion: Lighting the Path Forward

The tower’s restoration journey continues, with each phase contributing to its transformation from a historic relic to a vibrant and functional space. The meticulous process of upgrading the electrical system is a testament to the team’s dedication, innovation, and commitment to preserving the tower’s heritage. With each light switch and wire connection, the tower’s future grows brighter, symbolizing the revival of a piece of history for generations to come.