Terry and Ash from Chateau De Lalacelle

Terry and Ash from Chateau De Lalacelle

Terry (left) and Ash (right), Owners of Chateau De Lalacelle

Who Owns Chateau De Lalacelle?

Terry Short and Ash (Ashley) Waters

After meeting in 2008 in Middlesbrough, England and deciding to be lifelong partners, they started a pet shop and dog grooming business called “Sweeney Dog.”

The incredible success of selling that business provided the funds for them to purchase Chateau De Lalacelle in Normandy, France in summer of 2020.

While neither had renovated much property before, Terry has a keen eye for design and plenty of experience in furniture and upholstery restoration, and Ash has a “can-do” spirit which meant they either had the knowledge or would find whatever was necessary to restore Chateau De Lalacelle.

Having started and grown their pet-grooming grooming business together, they knew there was no task they couldn’t accomplish.

At the beginning of the journey, Ash stayed in Middlesbrough, UK as a councilor for the North Ormesby ward and would travel to the Chateau on holidays to continue to fund the renovation project while Terry stayed on-site to keep his hands on the project and work with contractors like electricians and plumbers to get the Chateau back to livable condition after sitting abandoned for 40 years.

In November of 2021, the Chateau De Lalacelle’s YouTube content had taken off to the point where Ash could resign as councilor and join Terry, Tracy, Tony and Jonathan to focus full-time on the restoration of the chateau and the property.

In this video, Terry and Ash from Chateau De Lalacelle talk about their dreams of buying the Chateau and early plans for the renovation:

How Is Terry related to the Chateau De Lalacelle Family?

How is Ash related to the Chateau De Lalacelle Family?

  • Terry’s partner


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