Jonathan From Chateau De Lalacelle

Jonathan from Chateau De Lalacelle

Jonathan from Chateau De Lalacelle

Jonathan moved with Ash, Terry, Tracy, and Tony in summer of 2020 from Middlesbrough, UK to Chateau De Lalacelle.

He attends school in the area and has become fully bilingual since moving to France.

The family at the Chateau holds regular fundraisers for his school to ensure he and his classmates are getting the best possible educational opportunities.

How is Jonathan related to the Chateau De Lalacelle Family?

We meet Jonathan and the whole Chateau De Lalacelle family in summer of 2020 in this episode:

Why did Jonathan move to Chateau De Lalacelle from the UK?

Terry and Tracy have shared in the video that Jonathan moved with them for a better life in France. Tracy and Jonathan take regular trips back to the UK to visit Jonathan’s parents. His mum (Terry’s sister) and dad and stays in touch with them online between times.

Outside of his school schedule, Jonathan is very involved around the Chateau. The family allows him plenty of space to make sections of the property and cottage (where he lives with Tracy) his own. In this video he gives a tour of his veg patch:

…and in this episode, Jonathan shows us around his Minecraft bedroom in the cottage on the Chateau De Lalacelle property: