With the weather keeping us on our toes, our restoration journey at the Chateau continues undeterred. Today, we find ourselves switching between outdoor and indoor tasks, making the most of the unpredictable weather to accomplish various projects. Inside the 400 bedroom, Ash is hard at work, having completed about 95% of the table and joint work. Meanwhile, we eagerly await the arrival of a special addition to the room – the exquisite corbels. These beautiful pieces have been sourced from France, and carefully chosen to complement the room’s elegant and feminine theme. Let’s dive into this exciting chapter of the Chateau’s restoration.


Clearing the Path:

Despite the less-than-ideal weather, we push forward with determination. Outdoors, we tackle the overgrown driveway, a forgotten stretch leading to the Chateau. Neglected for years, the once-charming road is now covered in brambles and weeds. With chainsaws, big saws, and lockers in hand, our team, along with the help of friends and family, embarks on the task of restoring the driveway to its former glory. Cutting back the overgrowth reveals the original trees and brings a touch of tidiness to the surroundings.


Welcoming the Charming Corbels:

Back in the 400 bedroom, excitement fills the air as the long-awaited corbels finally arrive. These polyurethane corbels boast intricate designs, embodying the elegance and grace we envision for the room. We carefully unwrap them, admiring the details that will soon grace the walls and corners. Our search for the perfect corbels led us to France, where we discovered these unique pieces that perfectly match the room’s desired style.

A Puzzle of Beauty:

As we get down to the task of installing the corbels, we realize that it’s akin to putting together a beautiful puzzle. The corbels come in four different types, each forming an integral part of the grand design. We have the central motif, followed by the plain ones and the decorative ones for the corners. To ensure a seamless fit, we carefully align each corbel with precision.


Polyurethane Perfection:

While some may prefer plaster corbels, we found that working with polyurethane offered several advantages. Not only were they easy to cut and handle, but their lightweight nature also simplified the installation process. As we secure the corbels into place with high-tech adhesive, we marvel at how well they blend with the existing room decor. Painting them with a touch of gold will highlight their intricate designs, further enhancing the room’s charm.


A Transformation Unfolds:

With each corbel in place, the room undergoes a magical transformation. The corners come alive with exquisite detailing, elevating the entire ambiance. We carefully navigate the junctions and joints, ensuring every piece fits together harmoniously. The center corbel takes its position, a focal point that ties the room together elegantly.


Delighting in the Details:

As the day progresses, we step back to admire the room’s progress. The paneling work, once a dream, now stands complete, adding a touch of sophistication to the salon. The windows that once struggled to keep their place are now firmly secured, framed by intricate molding. The entire room looks cohesive, a testament to the months of hard work and dedication.


The Promise of a Cozy Abode:

With the corbels and molding in place, we begin to envision the final look of the room. Soft furnishings, cozy furniture, and warm lighting will complement the room’s ambiance perfectly. The ceiling roses, another beautiful addition, will complete the transformation, adding an element of grace to the room.


The Home of Our Dreams:

As we wrap up another productive day at the Chateau, we are filled with a sense of satisfaction and excitement. The restoration journey has been a labor of love, and we are thrilled to see the Chateau take shape into the home of our dreams. The intricate corbels and thoughtful details throughout the rooms tell stories of beauty and grace, a testament to the past and a promise of a glorious future.



The restoration journey at the Chateau continues, revealing hidden gems and showcasing the beauty of intricate corbels. Our determination to bring the driveway back to life and adorn the rooms with elegant details has resulted in a stunning transformation. With every passing day, the Chateau emerges as a breathtaking abode, reflecting our love for history and a dream of preserving this charming property for generations to come.

We hope you enjoyed this chapter of the Chateau’s restoration, and we look forward to sharing more exciting updates in our next blog post. If you wish to be part of our journey and support the Chateau’s restoration, please join us on Patreon, where you’ll receive exclusive content and become a part of this remarkable endeavor. Stay tuned for more exciting progress!