So it’s back to work in the 400 bedroom and getting the parquet floor sorted.

Terry describes the process of replacing the parquet flooring in the 400 suite of Chateau De Lalacelle:

So this whole section, it rotted in the window and we only had a couple of pieces left and I start replacing a few of them, but then I thought it’s gonna be best just to to do the whole lot just so it’s all safe and it all blends in. So I’ve got all of the pieces cut now they’re all solid, got the ton and groove on and cut the size and I tread them for woodworm treatment last night as well. So they’ve been trapped both sides now, which is good. And it’s time to get them in place. So I’ll show you what I’ve done already up to now ready for these. And then what I’ll do is I’ll get them in place as just a trial run and then when I know I all fitted together, I’ll take them up and tack them down properly.

So yeah, what I’ll show you what I’ve got done up to now to get this into place and then go from there. So this is all Paque flooring and obviously this is just the, the reverse side. That’s the top that we’re gonna be using. And it said there all just TRE last night, but where it’s all gone, the beam was just completely rued that was just holding it all up here. Um, so I took all of them out, I cut them all out just to get rid of them cause they were pointless. And we’ve put some of the SB board down and we’ve just propped it up. So we’ve cemented it underneath and put some toit down there and that’s to keep it up cause that’s all safe now and solid, which is good. And then this part which was rot, right the way along here, we’ve cleared all that out and got that sorted and we’ve put some of the um, wood harden on it which has worked brilliant like this snow the solid again where it was getting quite dry, especially at the end.

But we’ve just completely soaked it all in the wood hardener. We normally use the run seal. Um, and that’s worked brilliant. We put it all along here as well just so it’s got a bit of strength for when we’re putting the tax in. So yeah, and then we’ve got woodworm treatment and all that as well. So that’s all TRE underneath and yet it’s gone. Brilliant. The only downside with when you put the wood hiding on it does turn it a lot darker. So if you are gonna do it, just be aware that it does turn it a lot darker so we haven’t put on the top of the parquet flooring, we’ll just put it like where we’re not gonna see it. So I’ll get all this in, we’ll crack on now.



So managed to get all of the floor down and it’s looking amazing. Just test fit in it and get it in a place and now it’s all down. I’ll lift it back up again and get secured down properly. The brilliant. And then mom and Graham can work their way around the and get the rest of the PLA bar done, which will be good. We’ll finally have a room, but I’ll quickly show you how this is looking and how they’re getting on now. So you can see here all of the floor that’ve got in. This is a couple of gaps where neat if like tap it in once it’s down properly. This is only a rough fit down but part of the James all looking brilliant and the pattern. And then we’ve got the other two pieces over here that I’ve got on. This is a couple of little bits of wood wear ’em on here, which we’ve sort out and we’re just gonna put a little bit of filler in

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