Let’s talk about the 400 suite, the heart of the Chateau’s restoration.

In their latest escapades, the family has been on a mission to return the suite to a state of normalcy. They rolled up their sleeves and dived headfirst into a flurry of activities, focusing on the prep work required for the forthcoming painting phase.

With boxes in hand, they skillfully tackled the task of boxing up the room, making it ready for the paint that would soon breathe new life into these walls. Man, I tell you, that simple act of boxing up the space made it feel a hundred times bigger. It’s like magic! Can you imagine the satisfaction they felt seeing the room transform before their eyes?

Creating Recesses for the Windows

One exciting endeavor was the creation of recesses around the windows. You know, when they replaced those old windows, it was like opening a door to a brand-new world. The team had to take off the panels surrounding them and boy, oh boy, did they take advantage of this opportunity. Insulation became the name of the game. They wrapped those exterior-facing panels in 40 millimeters of polystyrene insulation and added a vapor barrier to protect them from future damage. Talk about being thorough, right?

While they had the panels off, they went to town inspecting everything. I’m talking beams, walls, and even running electrical wiring. A multitasking frenzy, I tell you! They sure made sure that everything was in tip-top shape before those panels went back in. It’s all about keeping things solid and safe, my friends. Safety first, always.

Returning the Panels: Salon and Hallway Makeover

With those crucial checks ticked off, it was finally time to put the panels back in place. The salon and hallway had their turn in the limelight. I gotta hand it to them; they paid attention to every little detail! The hallway panels were first in line, followed closely by some adjustments required in the salon. Man, the moment those panels were back up, it was like seeing the room rise from the ashes. Pure magic, I tell ya.

Chateau Bedroom Makeover: Doorway to Bathroom

But wait, there’s more! They whipped out their handy tools and worked their magic on the bedroom doorway leading to the bathroom. They wanted it to open into the bathroom, you know, to optimize space and make it all swoon-worthy. The team expertly repositioned the hinges, and boy, did that make a difference. Now, when you step into the bedroom, the view of the bathroom hits you right in the feels. It’s the little things, my friends, that bring the whole vibe together.

The Curtain Rail Saga

Now, let’s talk about the curtain rail saga. Oh boy, did they experience their fair share of challenges with those bad boys. Those curtains weighed a ton, so safety was a must. They scored these amazing curtain rails with a two-rail system and pull cords. And guess what? They even got these fancy fittings from a nearby estate! Talk about scoring gold, right?