Ash’s cousin Adam and his family – Celine, Ian, Joel, and Zac – joined him on a visit to the beloved Chateau De Lalacelle. As Jonathan kept everyone entertained, the group stumbled upon an unexpected project: fixing the steps in the garden. What was originally a simple task of weeding quickly transformed into a full-blown repair.

After assessing the situation, they decided it was necessary to remove the steps and clean out the dirt and debris to prevent future weed growth. They diligently power-washed the area to ensure a thorough cleanse. It became clear that some of the past repairs on the steps caused complications, requiring them to remove excess stone and cement.


Not one to shy away from a challenge, Ash and Adam got to work, carefully evaluating the steps and meticulously placing them back, fortified with a solid bed of cement and a layer of sand. Their goal was to create a cohesive look that matched the rest of the steps. They rolled up their sleeves, determined to get the job done right.

Amidst the step renovation, Terry made an exciting discovery in the barn – a beautiful mirror. Despite its initial disrepair, Terry saw the potential and restored it. Piece by piece, he carefully reassembled the mirror using plaster of Paris and gold leaf paste. The result was a stunning piece that looked as good as new, ready to find its place in one of the bedrooms.

Adding to the day’s excitement, stone masons Laura and Brian arrived to tackle the long-awaited fireplace repair in the dining room. The hole in the wall, a constant reminder of an unfinished project, was finally on its way to being restored. Laura and Brian pieced the fireplace back together with their expertise, showcasing their exceptional skills.

Throughout the day, everyone lent a hand, including Adam and Celine’s family, who were a great source of support. Laughter filled the air as they worked together, celebrating the victories achieved – the revamped steps, the rejuvenated fireplace, and the restored mirror.

With each passing day at Chateau De Lalacelle, the sense of accomplishment grows. The renovation journey continued, filled with camaraderie and excitement. The progress thus far inspired them all, leaving them eager to see what the future held for their beloved chateau.